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Prise de son / Sound recording
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Here's my production sound demo: 

Auris Media offers boutique audio services from preproduction (planning your shoot) through postproduction (delivery of the mix master). Specializing in independent productions, I have four years' experience working with up-and-coming directors.

My film and video experience ranges from fiction and documentary through web series. I am as comfortable as a boom operator on larger shoots as I am filling all-in-one boom op/sound recordist duties for skeleton-crew shoots. I also assist theatre productions as a sound technician.

I own a complete mobile sound kit: Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, three wireless lapel mics (Lectrosonics and Sennheiser), zeppelin, boompole, Sound Devices 302 mixer and Sound Devices 744T digital recorder.

In the editing suite, I have touched on every aspect of post: dialogue clean-up, dubbing,  Foley/special effects and ambiances. For low-budget films, I also provide mixing services.

My home studio is equipped with Pro-Tools LE 9, Cubase, Digital Performer and Final Cut Pro 7, and is equipped with an ADR booth.Whether on Macintosh or Windows, I adapt to your production and postproduction workflow.